Positive Aspects Of The Right Teeth

Having the right teeth is not just a matter of appearances! Did you know that there are several health benefits to have teeth rights? So, if you still do not decide whether to use Brackets or not, do not just think about the aesthetic benefits. Think of all that having right teeth can do for your health, here we share a few. If you have crooked teeth go with your experienced dentists in Mexico.

It is much easier to clean your teeth if they are right

It is complicated to clean the corners of your mouth if your teeth are crooked or clustered (piled together); brushing and flossing can be a very difficult task. Crowded teeth can store food residues, which implies developing tartar and a greater risk of cavities. The straight teeth are easy to brush and clean, so you can keep them clean and free of cavities.

That your crooked teeth are not a headache

Did you know that headaches and neck pain are more frequent when you have crooked teeth? This is because the teeth put stress on the gums and the bone structure that supports them. When not being rights, the gap between them generates more force when chewing, when speaking and when articulating your jaw. The sum of that extra strength translates into headaches and neck pain.

A misaligned jaw, which can be corrected with orthodontic treatment, also contributes to generating this type of pain. There are several orthodontic techniques to correct these alignment problems.

Eating is easier with straight teeth

Did you know that crooked or crowded teeth affect how you chew? Not being well aligned, the available area for chewing and breaking your food is reduced. This puts unnecessary stress on your jaw which can generate clicks or other discomfort.

Crooked teeth can also cause wear and tear and make your teeth get smaller and smaller. When the lower and upper teeth are not in line, they can cause cracking over time because they are not fitting in a natural way. All this wear directly affects your tooth enamel and may require special attention if they wear out too much.

Your overall health will benefit

In a nutshell, having straight teeth makes your overall health benefit. Avoid headaches, clicks in your jaw and improve your digestion by correcting your crooked teeth. Your dental hygiene will be much easier if your teeth are properly aligned and it will take less time to keep them healthy and clean.

Better oral health prevents periodontal disease and tooth decay. Having less tartar and dentobacterial plaque reduces the risk of suffering from more serious diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Right teeth vs Crooked teeth

Having your right teeth not only improves your overall health. A smile without crooked teeth helps your self-esteem and your confidence in general … which translates into other benefits for your health. So remember, you